Filmfest 2009

BREATHLESS is a raw and occasionally violent story based on the autobiographical experiences of a gangster and extortionist who enjoys pointing out in a violent way their place in the local pecking order to anyone who crosses his path. Even the sidekicks who do his dirty work suffer at his hands. A flashback reveals the cause of this problematic personality. Having grown up with a violent father whom he held responsible for the death of his mother and the stabbing of his sister, Sang-Hoon knows no better than that hard action has to precede emotion. That changes when he meets cheeky schoolgirl Han Yeon-Hee. Herself the daily victim of the brutality of her mentally-ill father and insensitive brother, she is also battered by dysfunctional families and not very impressed by Sang-Hoon's hard exterior. Slowly but surely, an alternative family bond develops between the two of them, with the nephew of Sang-Hoon as the untarnished centrepiece. Then Yeon-Hee's brother joins the gang without his sister knowing and the cards are shuffled again. KFCCinema

tags: Feature film

Cast: Yang Ik-June, Kim Kkobbi, Lee Hwan, Park Jeon-Soon, Lee Seung-Yeon-III


Director: Ik-June Yang