Under the Tree
Filmfest 2009

A film set entirely on the island of Bali brings five powerful Balinese dance maestros together, resulting in performances that are powerfully spiritual. These dances form the metaphysical backbone to the story of three women of different ages who each seek redemption from their personal anguish. The Hindu island of Bali is a place rife with tradition and the occult. Musical chants are a part of everyday life, as are ceremonies and offerings to the spirits and gods. The title UNDER THE TREE refers to both the karmic belief in the cycles of nature as well as the concepts of birth, death and parenthood... Though moments of joy and beauty abound (like the sweet love story between the Ubud master dancer and his secret admirer), the three tales end on a darker note, reflecting the reality of life in Indonesia, fraught with vice, poverty and desperation. Raymond Phathanavirangoon, www.tiff09.ca

tags: Feature film

Cast: Marcella Zalianty, Nadia Saphira, Ayu Laksmi, Dwi Sasono, Ikranagara


Director: Garin Nugroho