Return To Burma
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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Wang Xing-hong is a Burmese guest-worker in Taiwan, but now that there have been elections in his country, he and his friend Rong decide it’s time to return. Just days before their departure, Rong is killed in an accident. Xing-hong returns home with Rong's ashes. On the journey from Rangoon to his birthplace, we hear propaganda songs on the radio. We hear about the blessings of democracy. But there’s also the joy of seeing friends and family. When he sees his mother again after 12 years, she asks: 'Have you eaten?' With those same words, the mother of filmmaker Midi Z welcomed her son when he returned in 2008 after an absence of 10 years. In early 2011, soon after the elections, Midi Z went back again. This time he brought his camera, to shoot Return to Burma.
Through his protagonist Xing-hong, we witness the changes Burma is experiencing and the true state of existence of its people . . .

tags: Feature film

Cast: Wang Shin-hong, Yang Shu-lan, Chou Jung-kuo


Screenplay: Midi Z

Director of Photography: Midi Z

Film Editor: Sheng Wen Lin, Midi Z

Sound: Sheng Wen Lin

Producer: Midi Z

Production Company: Seashore Image Productions

Co-Producer: Patrick Mao Huang

World Sales: Flash Forward Entertainment

Director: Midi Z.