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Loss. Isolation. Ambiguity. Can you trust your own senses?
On a remote wooded island, a young woman becomes caretaker to an elderly man in a vegetative state. She has no cell signal, no Internet. Only a year removed from high school and forced to meet the needs of a man who cannot respond, Joslyn vacillates between finding solace in his company and feeling fear and suspicion towards him. As the monotony of her daily routine starts to unravel, boundaries collapse and Joslyn struggles with sexuality, guilt and loss.
Nominated for the 2011 Gotham Independent Film Awards' Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You Award (in conjunction with the Museum of Modern Art).

tags: Feature film

Cast: Joslyn Jensen, Ron Carrier


Screenplay: Mark Jackson

Director of Photography: Jessica Dimmock, Diego Garcia

Film Editor: Mark Jackson

Composer: Dave Eggar

Production Designer: Alisarine Ducolomb

Sound: Michael Requa

Producer: Mark Jackson, Jessica Dimmock, Michael Requa, Jaime Keeling

Production Company: Red On Red Films

World Sales: M-appeal

Director: Mark Jackson