It Looks Pretty From A Distance
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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A hot summer in a countryside. Everything is falling apart, people live on gathering all sorts of garbage and wastes; scattered, worn out objects cover the farmyards enclosed by wobbly fences. Pawel makes a living by collecting scrap metal. He lives with his elderly and mentally ill mother that he cannot cope with, thus he drives her away from home. He has a fiancee. But one day Pawel suddenly disappears. His neighbors start to steal things from his desolate house. At first they do it secretively, under cover of darkness. Later on, they do it openly. At one point the entire community gathers around the house and takes everything that can be of any use. Pawel returns to the village but there is nothing to come home to . . .
Jakub Majmurek

tags: Feature film

Cast: Marcin Czarnik, Piotr Nowak, Elżbieta Okupska, Jerzy Łapińsky, Agnieszka Podsiadlik


Screenplay: Anka Sasnal

Director of Photography: Wilhelm Sasnal

Film Editor: Beata Walentowska

Production Designer: Marek Zawierucha

Costume Design: Ewelina Gąsior

Sound: Igor Kłaczyński

Producer: Anka Sasnal

Production Company: Filmpolis s.r.o.

Co-Producer: Wilhelm Sasnal, Anton Kern

Director: Wilhelm Sasnal, Anka Sasnal