Filmfest 2009

Vinz has his high school diploma in his pocket and is about to begin the next phase of his life, one that involves making big decisions. As the top scoring player on his basketball team, Phoenix Hagen, he has what it takes to turn pro. His big brother Georg can't imagine a better life, especially since his own dream of playing professional basketball ended ten years ago after their parents’ tragic death. Now Vinz can achieve what, back then, Georg was denied. But is it really what Vinz wants? The two brothers have to learn to part and go their separate ways. And Vinz has to learn what it means to make difficult decisions by oneself - just what he has to do in a decisive game his team must win to move up to the big time... Little Shark

tags: Feature film

Cast: Max Kidd, Misel Maticevic, Ralph Kretschmar, Max Fröhlich, Mirjam Weichselbraun


Director: Wolfgang Groos