The Blues Brothers
Filmfest 2009

THE BLUES BROTHERS is a unique blend of musical comedy with outrageous humor, location realism and spectacular action. Said director John Landis, "The Blues Brothers is a true musical comedy. People burst into song and dance just as they do in the original American form invented on Broadway and glorified in Hollywood. " Dan Aykroyd, who wrote the original screenplay with Landis, explained, "It's the story of two hoodlums who want to go straight and get redeemed. But they just don't have it together and they keep getting into bigger and bigger trouble." "Jake and Elwood are on a genuine crusade," said Landis. "It's not the Holy Grail they're after, its 5,000 bucks. But their quest is for equally good reasons. They're good and sympathetic people. To me, that's the strength of the movie. " Belushi called the film "a tribute to black American music." The score, featuring no original songs, showcases music of decades past and some of its greatest performers. They all play characters who are integral to the story. The score contains blues, rock and roll, soul and rhythm and blues, as well as some country-western, pop, Latin and classical. Universal City Studios, Inc. 1980

tags: Feature film

Cast: John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, James Brown, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin


Director: John Landis