Be Calm And Count To Seven
Filmfest 2009

On an island in the south of Iran, the lives of several people are unintentionally tied to each other: the father of a thirteen-year old boy named Moto has smuggled few people out of Iran, and has not yet returned home; Moto, involved in goods smuggling, is looking for signs of his father; another, a man who is an intermediary in goods smuggling has a wife and child living in Tehran. The man is not satisfied with his wife’s intention for emigrating abroad, and feels helpless as he is losing his last hope for a better life. And, finally, a bride, whose groom has left her on the first night of their marriage! Production Notes It has been said that cinema is a set of small lies to capture a bigger truth. But the truth is often, or at least in some cases, bitter (...) And even when you wish, you could make the audience laugh, you must be careful to be honest with them. And like a truthful storyteller narrate small lies! Ramtin Lavafipour

tags: Feature film

Cast: Hedayat Hashemi, Omid Abdollahi, Mahnaz Talandeh


Director: Ramtin Lavafipour