Your Sister’s Sister
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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A year after his brother’s death, Jack still see-saws between emotionally wobbly and outright volatile. When he makes a scene at a memorial party, Iris (his dead brother's ex) intervenes with a plan: Jack must oil up his old bike and trek to her father’s cabin on an island on Puget Sound, where isolation will give his brain a chance to detangle. When Jack gets to the woods, however, he finds not solitude but Iris’ sister Hannah, herself nursing a wounded heart and a bottle of tequila. After several shots and some slurred commiseration, liquor isn’t the only fluid these two end up sharing. Their hangover descends in the form of Iris, who pulls up with a bag of groceries the next morning. Though ripe for love-triangle trappings, YOUR SISTER’S SISTER offers an uncontrived navigation of romantic and sibling relationships . . . Its humor may swing from understated to raunchy, but it's always smart. tiff.festival'11

tags: Feature film

Cast: Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mark Duplass


Screenplay: Lynn Shelton

Director of Photography: Benjamin Kasulke

Film Editor: Nat Sanders

Composer: Vince Smith

Production Designer: John Lavin

Producer: Steven Schardt

Production Company: ADA Films Production

World Sales: Protagonist Pictures

Director: Lynn Shelton