People Mountain People Sea
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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Lao Tie knows in his heart that he must help find his younger brother's killer, despite his own problems. He has only recently come home penniless to the remote mountain community after years away working in the city. Although the police identified the murderer as ex-con Xiao Qiang from a neighboring village, they were not able to stop him from escaping. Lao Tie decides to hunt down his brother's killer. He begins a journey which will unleash his long-suppressed inner pain and rage.
"A stubborn man tracks down another man. When the goal becomes so close, caught between the price of loss and the chance of gain, how do we choose? In times of rapid change, how do we find peace of mind and true self? The smallest of accidents often changes the direction and destiny of a bigger event."
CAI Shangjun

tags: Feature film

Cast: Chen Jianbin, Tao Hong, Wu Xiubo


Screenplay: Gu Xiaobai, Cai Shangjun, Gu Zheng

Director of Photography: Dong Jinsong

Film Editor: Yang Hongyu

Composer: Zhou Jiaojiao

Production Designer: Zhai Tao, Jin Yang

Costume Design: Laurence Xu

Sound: Yang Jiang

Producer: Li Xudong

Production Company: Sunrise Media Corporation Limited

World Sales: L’Est Films Group

Director: Cai Shangjun