Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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Lena is 17 and too heavy, too shy, and too willing to give the guys what they want. All she wants is love, but the only thing she gets is sex. Until she meets Daan. Daan is cute, funny, sweet – the kind that only pretty girls are allowed to dream of. He’s his own man, and if he finds Lena desirable, it’s his business. He doesn’t give a damn what others think. When he suggests that she moves in with him and his dad Tom, he doesn’t even ask his old man. So Lena says yes to Daan and leaves her demanding and disapproving mother behind to forge her own little paradise. But when she finds out that Daan has been lying to her about what he really does all day, she begins to uncover a strength of character and willpower she never knew she had. She’s going to fight to preserve her paradise, even if it means destroying her own dream . . .

tags: Feature film

Cast: Emma Ruth Levie, Niels Gomperts, Jeroen Willems, Agata Buzek, Lisa Smit


Screenplay: Mieke de Jong

Director of Photography: Menno Westendorp

Film Editor: Nico Leunen

Composer: The Ballroomquartet & Davidov

Production Designer: Wilbert Van Dorp

Costume Design: Ellen Lens

Sound: Raf Enckels

Producer: Els Vandevorst

Co-Producer: Dries Phlypo

Production Company: Isabella Films

World Sales: Bavaria Media GmbH

Director: Christophe van Rompaey