California Company Town
Filmfest 2009

A documentary essay which casts a probing gaze at California towns abandoned by the industries that created them - onetime boomtowns now haunted by the twilight of the American promise. 2009 International Film Festival Rotterdam She has depicted the ideology of progress and expansion, and the tangible sense of the haunted loss of American promise. The idea of a "company town", Schmitt shows, has developed and changed over time, but at heart their circumstances remain the same: these are service settlements laid waste as a result of economic changes; they are, and will always be, almost exclusively swept into the trash bin of history. Schmitt’s work is a direct illustration of the connection between the personal and the political, and illuminates the strains created by the many inequities found within America’s political and economic systems. The Viennale

with: Ronald Reagan, Eldridge Cleaver, Cesar Chavez; Erzählerin: Lee Anne Schmitt

tags: Documentary


Director: Lee Anne Schmitt