Filmfest 2012

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Hitchcock in South America. Laura wins a vacation on the radio and arrives at a large hotel in Ostende, on the Atlantic, not far from Buenos Aires. Against the gloomy backdrop of the ocean at low season, between calls to her boyfriend Paco and chats with the waiter, Laura notices an elderly man with two young women, and can’t ignore their comings and goings in the room across the hall. She starts to fantasize about their ambiguous relationships (who wouldn’t, after all?), intrigued by a fascinating microcosm that could have countless stories to tell. In this undeclared remake of REAR WINDOW, only the viewer will learn the truth in the film’s finale. The ambiguous, threatening atmosphere, the hypersensitive shots that seem to quiver on every detail, and the evocation of a cryptic, distant world make this a remarkable debut.
2011 International Rome Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: Julian Tello, Debora Dejtiar, Santiago Gobernori, Laura Peredes


Screenplay: Laura Citarella, Mariano Llinás

Director of Photography: Agustin Mendilaharzu

Film Editor: Alejo Moguillansky

Composer: Gabriel Chwojnik

Sound: Rodrigo Sanchez Mariño

Producer: Mariano Llinás

Production Company: El Pampero Cine

Director: Laura Citarella