Jesus Hospital
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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Hyun-soon makes a modest living by delivering milk. She maintains a set of unorthodox cult-like religious beliefs that she has kept secret from most of her family for years, telling only her daughter and mother. When her mother falls into a deep coma, Hyun-soon’s brother and sister argue that they should remove her from life support, which enrages Hyun-soon. As her daughter and son-in-law decide which side of the argument to support, Hyun-soon must confront the ethics of life and death, and the outsider status she has created for herself through her unconventional beliefs.
"This film is about a middle-aged woman who stands at the crossroads of religious conviction and cold reality. It's also about three generations: grandmother, daughter and granddaughter."
Directors' note

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jung-min Hwang, Mi-hyang Kim, Song-hee Han


Screenplay: A-Ga Shin

Director of Photography: Sun-young Lee

Film Editor: Sang-cheol Lee

Composer: Dae-woong Lim

Sound: Ye-young Hong

Producer: Sang-cheol Lee

Production Company: As Film


Director: Sang-cheol Lee, A-ga Shin