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Four short stories: "Love", Friendship", "Respect" and "Cooperation". All 4 parts take place in a small resort town on the Black Sea where the characters of each story face the decisive moments of their lives. And as they go through their personal dramas a surreal show is taking over the city, bringing all of them together in the center of an epic performance . . . As in life, the characters see themselves as the stars of their own dramas, the heroes of their own stories but to their environments they are simply extras.
"Light-hearted epic on four kinds of communication. Not just another Russian 'art-flick' but an off-beat manifesto on freedom and the despair of being yourself. This contemporary puzzle plunges you into inspiring weirdness. Be ready for being crazy."
International Film Festival Rotterdam Review

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jim Avignon, Dmitry Bogdan, Alexey Podilsky, Pyotr Mamonov, Vera Strokova


Screenplay: Marina Potapova

Director of Photography: Ivan Mamonov, Yevgeni Tsvetkov

Film Editor: Sergey Loban

Composer: Zhak Polyakov

Production Designer: Alyona Kudrevich

Costume Design: Julia Kaminina

Sound: Anatoly Brandorf

Producer: Ekaterina Gerasicheva

Production Company: Organic Films

World Sales: Organic Films

Director: Sergey Loban