Achilles And The Tortoise
Filmfest 2009

Machisu, the only son of a rich collector, dreams of becoming a painter himself and begins to paint everyday, everywhere, even during class, to the dismay of his teacher. When tragedy strikes, little Machisu’s privileged life ends, leaving him orphaned, but with an incomparable passion for art … As a poor, young loner Machisu manages to attend art school. He is introduced to an unconventional world of bold creativity but also gets his first bitter taste of harsh criticism from a dealer. Encouragement comes in the form of attractive clerk Sachiko who is convinced that she alone understands him. They marry and have a daughter. Love and hope drive Machisu to commit even more deeply to his art … By middle age, Machisu has yet to sell a painting. But he and Sachiko don't give up. With each new work, Machisu tries to push himself to greater limits of inspiration. Hungry for recognition, their creative attempts escalate beyond what the neighbors and even their own teenaged daughter Mari can tolerate. Will Achilles ever overtake the Tortoise? Celluloid Dreams

tags: Feature film

Cast: Beat Takeshi, Kanako Higuchi, Yurei Yanagi, Kumiko Aso, Akira Nakao


Director: Takeshi Kitano