D. C. Cab
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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This is a Peter Gubers-Jon Peters production! It’s written and directed by Joel Schumacher! It stars Adam Baldwin, from the defining movie of my adolescence, MY BODYGUARD, and who later went on to become a righteous muscle babe on ANGEL and FIREFLY/SERENITY! and Bill Maher! Plus Mr. T! And Gary Busey! Not to mention Irene Cara … as herself. And music by Giorgio Moroder! This is the defining movie of the late Twentieth Century!

Cast: Max Gail, Adam Baldwin, Mr. T., Charlie Barnett, Gary Busey


Screenplay: Joel Schumacher, Topper Carew

Director of Photography: Dean Cundey

Film Editor: David Blewitt

Composer: Giorgio Moroder

Production Designer: John Lloyd

Costume Design: Roberta Weiner

Sound: Phil Mitchell Jr.

Producer: Topper Carew

Production Company: RKO Pictures

Co-Producer: Cassius Vernon Weathersby

Distributor: Universal Pictures International Germany GmbH

Director: Joel Schumacher