Filmfest 2009

Vienna’s largest streetcar hub is called Schottentor. The film’s six main characters meet up (or miss each other) on the station’s different levels above and below ground. First I wrote the text as prose, which is a complete work of its own, but which was also conceived as the basis for the film. Writing the text as prose helped me avoid becoming caught up in standard film dramaturgy. I was interested in the inner stream of thought and in a La Ronde structure: There is no single main character, but instead a number of main figures, who may or may not find each other. The hub’s different levels correspond to the protagonists’ varying states of consciousness, the streams of people and thoughts seemed to be interrelated. The fact that the figures are “out of sync” can be visualized via their standstill in a setting with the simultaneous motion of the passers-by... The film ultimately depicts five days in the lives of six people; it is not an episode film, more an excerpt of passing time... Caspar Pfaundler

tags: Feature film

Cast: Gerti Drassl, Claudia Kottal, Michael Masula, David Oberkogler, Johannes Thanheiser


Director: Caspar Pfaundler