Filmfest 2009

CASANEGRA tells the story of Adil and Karim who have been friends since their teenage years. They dream of a better future but try to get by through dodgy practices. Adil wants to emigrate to Sweden. Karim wants to be able to look after his family. When a local gangster recruits the two for a big 'job', their long friendship is put to the test. For the first time in their lives, they both face terrible dilemmas and are forced to make choices between love and friendship, adventures and sensible reasoning, hope and despair. A love story between two young protagonists and their city, a city that doesn't love them back, CASANEGRA is an ode to friendship, to a city's hope and that of a generation. cinéma arabe 09, Amsterdam

tags: Feature film

Cast: Anas El Baz, Omar Lotfi, Ghita Tazi, Mohamed Benbrahim, Driss Roukhe


Director: Nour-Eddine Lakhmari