Hanna and the Bank Robbers
Filmfest 2009

It’s Hanna’s 35th birthday and everything goes wrong. First, she catches her boyfriend Robert, a dapper attorney, in flagranti with a young lady. This hits Hanna hard, as she and Robert have been working very hard at getting Hanna pregnant. After the initial shock, and an accidental bath in the river, Hanna goes to her bank where she is taken hostage by three totally chaotic and incompetent bank robbers. Ben, Tobi and Georg soon regret their decision. Hanna takes over the gang and drives the three men crazy with her know-it-all attitude and comments. This comedy is the story of a woman somewhere between puberty and a midlife crisis who comes to learn that the right body temperature isn't everything in life. Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Inka Friedrich, Marc Hosemann, Karsten Kaie, Stephan Zinner, Django Asül


Director: Carolin Otterbach