Vegas: Based On A True Story
Filmfest 2009

Eddie Parker, his wife Tracy and their 12-year-old son Mitch lead blue-collar live on the outskirts of America’s pleasure capital, Las Vegas. A compulsive gambler, Eddie has never won big. Tending her small garden in the desert, Tracy tries to keep the fragile family life together. Then an elusive stranger shows up claiming there’s something special about their home and he makes an offer that quickly turns into the family’s obsession. The only question is how deep are they willing to go? Celluloid Dreams A powerful story that has resonance on several levels… clear-cut and compelling… enough to alter your perspective of the city forever. Screen Daily Amir Naderi is perhaps the best unknown filmmaker in the world. The Washington Post

tags: Feature film

Cast: Mark Greenfield, Nancy La Scala, Zach Thomas, Benjamin Weil, Alexis Hart


Director: Amir Naderi