Ella's Mystery
Filmfest 2009

ELLA'S MYSTERY is set on a Rooibos farm in the Cedarberg mountains near Cape Town, South Africa. Ella, a respected neuro-psychiatrist from Hamburg, returns to Clanwilliam after a 40-year absence to attend the funeral of her sister, Hilde. She intends to stay just long enough to see to legal matters and put the family tea estate on the market. But, once back in Africa, Ella is forced to confront her past. In the darkest period of apartheid, 19-year-old Ella had a tempestuous relationship with Ben, a young black man, involved in the political struggle. She became pregnant and since an abortion was legally and morally not an option for her, she bore the child and gave it up for adoption unofficially. She then left her parents and Hilde behind on the farm and started a new life in Germany. We accompany Ella on this journey into her past as she slowly comes to terms with her own story and realizes that her efforts over the past 40 years to repress her family ties and her roots in Africa have been futile. She sets off to find her daughter... Selma Brenner/UFA Fernsehproduktion

tags: Feature film

Cast: Hannelore Hoger, Rolf Lassgård, Mary Twala, Renate Stuurman, Kagiso Mtetwa


Director: Rainer Kaufmann