The Sleeping Voice
Filmfest 2012

Madrid, 1940. A women's prison in Ventas. General Franco and his army have seized power. The winners are not satisfied with their victory; they want to exterminate their enemy. Every man and woman who was part of, or supported, the Resistance, or who is just suspected of it, will be hunted down and eradicated without mercy. Repression has become part of life. All of Spain is a prison. The women's prison in Ventas was filled with prisoners of this kind. Women who fought for freedom were now suffering repression, torture and death.
Our story deals with the life of these prisoners.
A group of women sharing a terrible fate.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Mariá León, Daniel Holguín, Inma Cuesta, Marc Clotet, Ana Wagener


Screenplay: Benito Zambrano, Ignacio del Moral, Original von / by: Dulce Chacón

Director of Photography: Alex Catalán

Film Editor: Fernando Pardo

Composer: Magda Rosa Galván, Juan Antonio Leyva

Production Designer: Francisco Javier Fernández

Costume Design: María José Iglesias Garcia

Sound: Álvaro Silva

Producer: Ernesto Chao

Co-Producer: Antonio P. Pérez

Production Company: Maestranza Films

World Sales: The Match Factory GmbH

Director: Benito Zambrano