In The Name Of The Girl
Filmfest 2012

Manuela was named after her socialist-atheist father, but her Catholic-conservative grandmother insists she should have the name the first daughters of the family have carried for generations: Dolores. The story takes place in a Valley in the Ecuadorian Andes, during the summer of 1976. Manuela and her little brother, Camilo, are spending their vacation with their cousins and grandparents at the family’s farmhouse. Eager to defend her father’s ideas, Manuela confronts her cousins and grandparents, but an unexpected encounter leads her to confront herself instead. Hidden in the family’s abandoned library, schizophrenic uncle Felipe is devoted to setting words free from the constraints of dogmas. His wisdom sets Manuela free from her own dogmas and forever changes her relationship with words, including her own name.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Eva Mayu Mecham, Markus Mecham, Martina León, Sebastián Hormachea, Francisco Jaramillo


Screenplay: Tania Hermida

Director of Photography: Armando Salazar

Film Editor: Juan Carlos Donoso, Vanessa Amores

Composer: Nelson García

Production Designer: Juan Carlos Acevedo

Costume Design: Maria Caridad Carrión

Sound: Juan José Luzuriaga

Producer: Mary Palacios

Production Company: Ecuador para Largo

Co-Producer: Tania Hermida

World Sales: The Match Factory GmbH

Director: Tania Hermida