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Stas is a descendant of the Koreans forcibly relocated by Stalin to Uzbekistan in the late 1930s - "a cop with a shady background who quits the force when he realizes the extent of the police's venality and corruption. This sparks a spiral of decline that leaves him a near-helpless drug-addict in skuzzy sequences of aggressively unpleasant junkie squalor. It's only by retreating into the mountainous Uzbek countryside that Stas can go (icy) cold turkey, then seek revenge against the dealer who, years before, killed one of his best friends . . . a painful path to perdition and redemption."
Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter

tags: Feature film

Cast: Stanislav Tyan, Bahodir Musaev, Ilbek Faiziev, Dmitry Eum, Ruslan Pak


Screenplay: Ruslan Pak

Director of Photography: Tae-sik Um

Film Editor: Se-hoon Lee, Ruslan Pak

Composer: Hyun-min Park, junjayang

Sound: Chul-ho Chang

Producer: Ellen Y.D. Kim

Production Company: Zamie Pictures

World Sales: M-Line Distribution

Director: Ruslan Pak