Kabuli Kid
Filmfest 2009

Kabul - a city struggling to recover from 25 years of warfare. Taxi driver Khaled picks up a woman and her baby. Her face is hidden behind a burqa. They settle on a price, she pays him and they drive off. The taxi arrives at its destination. The woman gets out and a new passenger climbs in... to find the baby still in the backseat. Khaled leaps out after the woman but she's vanished. He's left holding the baby - a 6-month-old boy. Who is the mother? How can he find her? Fate has handed him a young life for which he feels more and more responsible. An eventful, chaotic, often highly comic journey through a city which is itself simply trying to survive. Wild Bunch 25 years of war have thrown more than 50,000 children - orphans or kids in poverty-stricken families - onto the streets of Kabul. So many children confronted daily with hunger, disease, violence, drugs , prostitution and slavery. This is the subject of my film - the street kids of contemporary Kabul. Barmak Akram

tags: Feature film

Cast: Hadji Gul, Valery Shatz, Amélie Glenn, Mohammad Chafi Sahel, Helena Alam


Director: Barmak Akram