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The story of 22 year old Brett, a singer for a Los Angeles rock band who finds himself heartbroken when he loses his muse Justine to his own local idol, the fast-ascending art rocker Damon. But with the support of his filmmaker gal pal Reggie, Brett not only learns to love again, he comes to form an oddly simpatico friendship with former romantic rival Damon. Along the way, Brett also learns to better understand his parents’ odd marriage, and the complications and compromises that come with adulthood.
“It's the last film in a trilogy about LA music scenes that I’ve co-directed with Kurt Voss. We made our first film in the trilogy at UCLA film school in 1986, BORDER RADIO. Our second film in the trilogy SUGAR TOWN was made in 1998."
Allison Anders

tags: Feature film

Cast: Flannery Lunsford, Dante Aliano-White, Elyse Hollander, Sara Ashley, Victoria Williams


Screenplay: Allison Anders, Kurt Voss

Director of Photography: Kurt Voss

Film Editor: Chris Figler, Aaron Rottinghaus

Composer: J Mascis

Sound: Chris Powell

Producer: Allison Anders

Co-Producer: Kurt Voss

Production Company: French Fan Club

Director: Kurt Voss, Allison Anders