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1944: after the fall of Russia and the failure of the D-day landings, a German counterattack lands on British soil. Within a month, half of Britain is occupied. Sarah Lewis, a 26-year-old farmer’s wife, wakes to find her husband has disappeared, as have all the other men in the isolated Welsh border valley. Assuming their men have joined the resistance, the women take on the running of the farms and wait, desperate for news. A German patrol arrives in the valley, its mission a mystery. When a hard winter for-ces the two groups to cooperate, a fragile mutual dependency develops. Sarah gets to know the patrol’s commanding officer, Albrecht. But as the chaos of the war presses in on them, Albrecht's feelings for her deepen and he tells her the secret of his mission. Soon the valley’s delicate state of harmony begins to falter and the women and soldiers are forced to make decisions that will change their lives forever.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Michael Sheen, Andrea Riseborough, Tom Wlaschiha, Anatole Taubman


Screenplay: Amit Gupta, Owen Sheers, Original von / by: Owen Sheers

Director of Photography: John Pardue

Film Editor: Chris Barwell

Composer: TBC

Production Designer: Adrian Smith

Producer: Amanda Faber

Co-Producer: Richard Holmes

Production Company: Big Rich Films Limited

World Sales: Rézo Films

Director: Amit Gupta