The Foster Boy
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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Max is an orphan. More than anything else, he dreams of being part of a 'real family'. And his wish seems to come true. But instead of love and respect all he gets from his foster parents are orders. They treat him like a slave and their son Jacob takes sadistic pleasure in humiliating him. But there's one thing they can't take away from him – his accordion. It is what gives him the strength to carry on and the self-respect he needs.
"Imboden has rolled out this dark chapter of Swiss history to make one of the most gripping Swiss films of late."

tags: Feature film

Cast: Max Hubacher, Lisa Brand, Katja Riemann, Stefan Kurt, Max Simonischek


Screenplay: Plinio Bachmann

Director of Photography: Peter von Haller

Film Editor: Ursula Höf

Composer: Ben Jeger

Production Designer: Marion Schramm, Andi Schrämli

Costume Design: Claudia Flütsch

Sound: Tom Weber

Producer: Peter Reichenbach

Production Company: C-Films AG

Co-Producer: Claudia Schröder

World Sales: Global Screen GmbH

Director: Markus Imboden