Restless City
Filmfest 2012

RESTLESS CITY struggles to reconcile the sky-high promises of the American Dream with the gritty reality of life in New York. Walking a fine line between the city’s sensuous illusions and its grim truths, it is an immigrant’s love letter to Harlem: its bustling streets, its inherent danger and its potent sexuality. Dosunmu’s feature-length debut combines stylised cinematography with a phenomenal soundtrack to produce something quite remarkable.
Djibril is a young Senegalese immigrant trying to make a life for himself. He is endearingly optimistic and ambitious about kicking off his recording career, convinced that one day his break will come. In the meantime, he dabbles in small jobs, selling CDs on the street and acting as a courier on his moped. But when a meeting with beautiful, vulnerable Trini in pimp Bekay’s apartment changes his life forever, Djibril puts himself at risk to help her escape.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sy Alassane, Tony Okungbowa, Sky Nicole Grey, Babs Olusanmonkun, Danai Gurira


Screenplay: Eugene Gussenhoven

Director of Photography: Bradford Young

Film Editor: Oriana Soddu

Production Designer: Chad Keith

Costume Design: Mobolaji Dawodu

Sound: Wil Masisak

Producer: Katie Mustard

Co-Producer: Matthew Parker

Production Company: Clam Productions

Director: Andrew Dosunmu