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"It's a film that is inspired by real-life events. I wrote the script, based on a script that I wrote ten years ago . . . None of the production houses wanted to do it . . . Because none of them were ready for a film like this. At an event that happened in Cuba, someone raised this issue, about why we weren’t making films for children? Sean Penn was at that meeting, and he said he’d like to focus on that issue, and that he’d seen a lot of Cuban films, but not seen any Cuban films with children. So based on that moment in that meeting . . . a number of different production houses in Cuba started thinking about doing more films with children. And although they’d had my script for quite a while, that was the moment that I got the call that they wanted to do my film."
Ian Padrón
Cuba's official entry to the Oscars

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ernesto Escalona, Andy Fornaris, Claudia Alvarino, Luis Alberto Garcia, Blanca Rosa Blanco


Screenplay: Felipe Espinet

Director of Photography: Alejandro Pérez

Film Editor: Jose Lemuel

Composer: Rene Banos, Nacional Electronica

Production Designer: Vivian Del Valle

Costume Design: Vivian Del Valle

Sound: Javier Figueroa

Producer: Esther Hirtzel

Production Company: Cuban Film Institute

Co-Producer: Vilma Montesinos

World Sales: Cuban Film Institute

Director: Ian Padrón