Tahaan - A Boy With A Grenade
Filmfest 2009

original version: hindi Subtitele: OmeU FSK: Recommended for children ages 12 and up Tahaan lives with his grandfather, his mother Haba and older sister Zoya, in Kashmir. They all live in the hope that someday Tahaan’s father, who’s been missing for over three years, will return. When Tahaan's grandfather dies, the local moneylender takes away the family's assets, including their young donkey Birbal. For Tahaan, bringing Birbal back home becomes the sole purpose in his life and he is devastated when he finds out that an old man has bought Birbal and taken him across the mountains… the same mountains that Tahaan’s father crossed, never to return. But Tahaan sums up all his courage and sets out on the journey. What price will he have to pay for Birbal? iDream Independent Pictures

tags: Feature film

Cast: Anupam Kher, Rahul Bose, Rahul Khanna, Victor Banerjee, Purav Bhandare


Director: Santosh Sivan