Welcome To Pine Hill
Filmfest 2012

A unique story of friendship, race, and self-discovery, WELCOME TO PINE HILL was born out of a chance encounter between filmmaker Keith Miller and star Shannon Harper, who found themselves arguing over a lost dog one night in Brooklyn. Straddling the worlds of fact and fiction, documentary and narrative, the film follows Shannon, a recently reformed drug dealer, now working as a claims adjuster by day and bouncer by night. When Shannon receives earth-shattering news, he is compelled to make peace with his past and search for freedom beyond the concrete jungle of New York City. Featuring an extraordinarily intimate performance by Harper playing himself, he is supported by an eclectic cast of both emerging talent and real people. Traveling from the backyards of Brooklyn crack houses to the lush Catskill Mountains, the film is a meditative journey about how we choose to live our lives.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Shannon Harper, Mary Meyers, Jaiden Kaine, Mark Read


Screenplay: Keith Miller

Director of Photography: Alex Mallils, Lily Henderson, Begonia Colomar

Film Editor: Keith Miller

Composer: Michael Rosen

Production Designer: Margaret Ward

Sound: Mark Corbin

Producer: Elisabeth Holm

Co-Producer: Keith Miller

Production Company: Esopus Creek Pictures

Director: Keith Miller