When Pigs Have Wings
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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After a storm, Jafaar, a Palestinian fisherman from Gaza, catches a pig (and a Vietnamese pig at that) in his net that fell off a cargo boat. Although initially determined to get rid of this unclean animal, he decides to try to sell it and thereby add a little extra income to his pitiful existence. Poor Jafaar then enters into an incredible and dubious business venture. This poor fisherman whose only desire is to survive from day to day and who is willing to do anything to do so, represents the people of Gaza in this tragicomedy who are stuck between daily economic hardships, Israeli military constraints and the dictates of the fundamentalists in control. Jafaar, constantly making jokes about himself, even during tragic moments, evolves in this biting comedy and leaves us hoping that if we can all get along individually, despite our differences, then perhaps we will eventually get along collectively.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sasson Gabay, Baya Belal, Myriam Tekaïa, Gassan Abbas


Screenplay: Sylvain Estibal

Director of Photography: Romain Winding

Film Editor: Damien Keyeux

Composer: Aqualactica, Boogie Balagan

Production Designer: Albrecht Konrad

Costume Design: Marie-Joséphine Gracia

Producer: Jean-Philippe Blime

Co-Producer: Franck Chorot

Production Company: Marilyn Productions

World Sales: Studio Canal

Distributor: Alamode Film

Director: Sylvain Estibal