A Woman’s Revenge
Filmfest 2012

Based on the short story "Les Diaboliques" by Barbey D'Aurevilly, 1874. Roberto is one of those men to whom simulation has become the greatest art. A dandy, some will say. A libertine, say others. At any rate, he is inscrutable, such a mysterious man! But the truth is that Robert feels an intensely deep tedium. The boredom of those who have already exhausted all the pleasures of life. The only thing that still surprises him is the fact that nothing surprises him anymore. Meanwhile . . . one evening he has an overwhelming encounter with a woman. She reveals her unappeasable past, intact, displaying her crime and crying for its public scandal. Between that past and the present, phantom objects, beings, places, the dreamy truth is prolonged and a blanket of silence falls upon the soul of Robert, forever sealed.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Rita Durão, Fernando Rodrigues


Screenplay: Rita Azevedo Gomes, Original von / by: Jules Amédée, Barbey d’Aurevilly

Director of Photography: Alcácio de Almeida

Film Editor: Patricia Saramago

Production Designer: Pedro Sá

Costume Design: TCC

Sound: Vasco Pimentel

Producer: Isabel Machado

Production Company: C.R.I.M. Productions

Co-Producer: Joana Ferreira, Christine Reeh

World Sales: C.R.I.M. Productions

Director: Rita Azevedo Gomes