Filmfest 2012

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Max, a quietly troubled boy, leaves his lakeside town to live with his father on the sun-blastedfringe of suburban Arizona. Both fever dream and quiet trip, PAVILION creates a deep and ethereal world, showing us an innocent way of life coming apart at the seams, constructing an indelible image of the enigma of youth.

"It was a feeling or mystery of why youths act as they do that I wanted to make a film about. The endless summer twilights in which kids take on an heroic sense of aimlessness, everything open to them, their 'schedule' a blank page, and the downtime that it inevitably becomes – the incredible thrill and yet monumental bore of it all."
Tim Sutton

tags: Feature film

Cast: Max Schaffner, Zach Cali, Cody Hamric, Addie Bartlett, Aaron Buyea


Screenplay: Tim Sutton

Director of Photography: Chris Dapkins

Film Editor: Seth Bomse

Composer: Sam Prekop

Sound: Josh Neal

Producer: Tim Sutton

Production Company: Van Riper Archives

Director: Tim Sutton