One Day In A Life
Filmfest 2009

One summer morning, Salvatore is crossing the sand dunes heading towards the beach, savoring some quiet time in the sun. Suddenly he stops in his tracks and takes in the beauty of the sea melting into the brilliant blue of the sky far out on the horizon. Little does he know this will be a day unlike any other. Salvatore will soon find himself involved in the life and dramas of a peculiar group of people. Though unwillingly, he will face up to the ghosts of his past, labor to regain his peace of mind and possibly open up a whole new life. When I first started shooting this film, I had around a Euro 1000 budget and a week to complete it. I had to make many cuts, some of them very painful. The scene which I valued the most was the first conversation between Salvatore and Daniela, but I could not afford a sound engineer and consequently I was the one to hold the microphone for the actors. Nevertheless I believe I have kept the overall idea of the project. Stefano Tummolini

tags: Feature film

Cast: Antonio Merone, Lucia Mascino, Francesco Grifoni, Chiara Francini, Tiziana Avarista


Director: Stefano Tummolini