Filmfest 2009

'Hello? Can’t someone just get in touch with me?' Emske asks into nowhere. Trapped in the communicative isolation of a freelancer. Hidden on the job market and concealed in her apartment. Waiting for the phone to ring. For an e-mail. For a call back. For her right to exist. How do you fight back, how do you meet someone when you are only dealing with a telecommunicative counterpart anyway. Sunday is a professionally trained wrestler and makes a living by wrestling men in hotel rooms. It is neither sex nor a hobby, a job or a game. It is fighting as physical contact and the tenderness of the bodies. Diamant Oil is constantly babbling behind the bar and sometimes even in front of it. Never gets tired. Living the perfect homemaker life. Faria Kühne, a professional Grand Dame, homeless and completely broke, always ready for the final jump or the upswing. Maintaining the countenance. Life is as… (beautiful) as you think it is... Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Kathrin Angerer, Maren Kroymann, Caroline Peters, Anne Ratte-Polle, Esther Röhrborn


Director: Gesine Danckwart