You Will Be Mine
Filmfest 2009

YOU WILL BE MINE Marie leaves her family and moves to Lyons to study piano at the conservatory there. For economic reasons, she shares her apartment with Emma, a childhood friend, who has lived alone since her father's death and being abandoned by her mother. Marie submits to the rules and regulations imposed by her roommate which become ever more oppressive as time goes by. Emma fascinates, dominates and devastates Marie as she struggles between her desire for Emma and the urge to escape. The obsession drains her energy, and she loses touch with her music... doc & film international "The difference between the two protagonists is reminiscent of the protagonists in Stephen Frears' PRICK UP YOUR EARS. The one only has the other; the other sleeps with anything that moves. The one suffers terribly. The other ends up as the dominating one." Sophie Laloy

tags: Feature film

Cast: Judith Davis, Isild Le Besco, Johan Libéreau, Edith Scob, Fabienne Babe


Director: Sophie Laloy