Inju: The Beast in the Shadow
Filmfest 2009

INJU, THE BEAST IN THE SHADOW Barbet Schroeder’s elegant suspense thriller is based on a novel by the great Japanese crime writer Edogawa Rampo (a pen name that pays homage to his American forebear, Edgar Allan Poe). It is a tale of obsession — intellectual and erotic — pitting callow French novelist Alex Fayard against a diabolical Japanese mastermind. Fayard has become famous for writing in the style of the elusive Japanese writer Shundei Oe. When he’s invited to Kyoto on a book tour for his latest bestseller, he decides to provoke the secretive writer into coming out of seclusion. As the leading Western authority on Oe, Fayard is familiar with the violent and disturbing imagery in the master’s work, in which evil often triumphs. When Fayard becomes involved with Tamao, an enigmatic geisha whose traditional dance mesmerizes, he starts having strange dreams and encounters. While he tries to save Tamao from her former fiancé, Fayard finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into a deranged underworld.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Benoît Magimel, Lika Minamoto, Shun Sugata, Maurice Bénichou, Ryo Ishibashi


Director: Barbet Schroeder