Someone I Loved
Filmfest 2009

Over the course of one night, Pierre shares an important secret with his daughter-in-law Chloé. This secret has been haunting him for 20 years and brings him face to face with himself, his contradictions and choices, his role as a man and his failings. His secret love for Mathilde, for whom he didn’t dare abandon everything, choosing instead a safer and more familiar path. Over the course of one night, we learn about the life of a man who didn’t dare. Cineuropa The romantic melodrama has long faded into the category of films no longer of interest to most American moviegoers, but for those who miss those films, foreign filmmakers - especially the French - still enjoy provoking the strong emotions once delivered by such films as Max Ophuls' LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN, Billy Wilder's THE APARTMENT or Tay Garnett's ONE WAY PASSAGE. Demonstrating how fully alive such films still are in foreign climes is Zabou Breitman's SOMEONE I LOVED. Kirk Honeycutt, THReviews

tags: Feature film

Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Marie-Josée Croze, Florence Loiret-Caille, Christiane Millet, Olivia Ross


Director: Zabou Breitman