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The film score of the original release was composed by Gottfried Huppertz and it was meant to be performed by large orchestras to accompany the film during production. Huppertz took inspiration from Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss. 1984 – Giorgio Moroder restored and produced the 83-minute 1984 re-release, which had a pop soundtrack written by Moroder and performed by Moroder, Pat Benatar, Bonnie Tyler, Jon Anderson, Adam Ant, Cycle V,
Loverboy, Billy Squier, and Freddie Mercury.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Alfred Abel, Gustav Fröhlich, Brigitte Helm, Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Theodor Loos


Screenplay: Thea von Harbou

Director of Photography: Karl Freund, Günther Rittau, Walter Ruttmann

Composer: Giorgio Moroder

Costume Design: Aenne Willkomm

Producer: Giorgio Moroder

Director: Fritz Lang