The Life And Times Of Paul The Psychic Octopus
Filmfest 2012

The official and exclusive story of the world's most beloved and scorned cephalopod, whose remarkable string of eight correct 'predictions' during the 2010 Soccer World Cup made him an instant worldwide superstar.
Whether Paul is an honest-to-goodness 21st century oracle, or a tentacled Forrest Gump is almost irrelevant. What matters, however, is the way that his unmatched string of correct predictions has affected us, made us dream, and forever impacted our popular culture. A documentary about the nature, significance and consequences of viral fame in the digital age, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF PAUL THE PSYCHIC OCTOPUS will fundamentally be about our obsession with – and fear of – those whom we trust in the spotlight, our relentless quest for answers, and the very human desire to pick a chosen few to lead the way.

tags: Documentary


Screenplay: Alexandre Philippe

Director of Photography: Robert Muratore

Film Editor: Dave Krahling

Composer: Shawn King, Parry Gripp

Sound: Robert Muratore

Producer: Robert Muratore

Production Company: Exhibit A Pictures

Director: Alexandre Philippe