Rat Fever
Filmfest 2012

The alcohol-drenched story of an unrequited love. The poet Zizo, a pure-bred anarchist, is lost as soon as he meets the sober Eneida. She doesn't mind being his muse, but she won't go any further than that – whereas in Zizo's circle of friends, made up of social losers, Bohemians and other proud outsiders, everyone goes to bed with everyone else. Meanwhile, Zizo is busy with his dubious battle against 'the system', using his self-published newsletter 'Febre do rato' and a series of subversive street performances that primarily seem to reach his own friends . . . Sex, drugs and other hedonistic activities. In other words, a colourful black-and-white film.
International Film Festival Rotterdam

tags: Feature film

Cast: Irandhir Santos, Nanda Costa, Matheus Nachtergaele, Conceição Camarotti, Juliano Cazarré


Screenplay: Hilton Lacerda

Director of Photography: Walter Carvalho

Film Editor: Karen Harley

Composer: Jorge Du Peixe

Production Designer: Renata Pinheiro

Costume Design: Joana Gatis

Producer: Marcello Ludwig Maia

Co-Producer: Julia Moraes

Production Company: República Publica

World Sales: Imovision

Director: Cláudio Assis