Shorts For Kids 5 & Up: The Quiet One
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

In a Stockholm suburb, children from all over the world go to a school to learn Swedish. All of them have just arrived in Sweden. Six-year-old Maryam from Iran is the last to arrive. The film follows her struggle to grasp the mysteries of a new language and to come to terms with so much that is new to her. How does one express oneself sufficiently to make friends without having the words to do so?

tags: Short film


Director of Photography: Camilla Skagerström, Ina Holmqvist

Film Editor: Alice Ilmenska, Jesper Svedin

Composer: Thomas Jansson

Sound: Nils Olsson

Producer: Ina Holmqvist

Production Company: Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

Co-Producer: Emelie Wallgren

Director: Ina Holmqvist, Emelie Wallgren