Shorts For Kids 5 & Up: The Tourists Arrive!
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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"A playful road movie about the fantastic excursion of an unusual group. Hundreds of plastic animals travel to Tuscany and discover many of its yet unknown attractions. But they get into a lot of tricky situations because of their unusual size. Their summer adventures are best described by the blue elephant when he says: 'This can only happen when you are small.'"
Gerald Zahn, director

tags: Animation, Short film


Screenplay: Gerald Zahn

Director of Photography: Gerald Zahn, Anita Land

Film Editor: Gerald Zahn

Composer: Florian Kmet

Sound: Gerald Zahn

Producer: Gerald Zahn

Production Company: Gerald Zahn Filmproduktion

World Sales: Gerald Zahn Filmproduktion

Director: Gerald Zahn