Filmfest 2012

Teenage twins Kristen and Owen are misfits in the real world, bored of caring for their mum and fantasizing about murdering her. Then along comes Liam: tough, charming, full velocity, genuinely cool. Kristen fancies him with the intensity of someone in a fairytale. But Liam takes Owen out drinking – and the depth of Liam’s mis-wired obsessions soon emerges. Liam offers unconditional love to Owen – on one condition: Owen must take his sister’s identity, become a new “Kristen”. And Owen must be exorcised from himself. Liam veers between object of adoration and menace until, after a bitter-sweet meeting with his parents that gets to the heart of Liam’s troubles, Owen tries to escape. Trapped in Liam’s hurtling car, they head for the North Sea and a surreal, frightening climax.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Harry McEntire, Madeleine Clark, Christian Cooke, James Bolam, Melanie Hill


Screenplay: Joe Fisher

Director of Photography: Paul Otter

Film Editor: Ben Yeates

Composer: John Lunn

Production Designer: Mike McLoughlin

Costume Design: Mel O’Connor

Sound: Mario Mooney

Producer: Clare Duggan

Production Company: Stone City North Ltd

Co-Producer: Bryn Higgins, Tom Harvey, Sean Kelly

World Sales: Media Luna New Films

Director: Bryn Higgins