The Bamberg Horseman: A Crime Story From Franconia
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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Cowboys in Upper Franconia, a nocturnal horseman in front of the cathedral, a mysterious book-dealer and a dead female student. And this was supposed to be a peaceful homecoming? After his mother's death, Inspector Peter Haller returns to Bamberg to settle her estate. But on his first day home he gets a call from his ambitious partner in Würzburg, Birgit Sacher. A young policeman from Bamberg, Sven Schäuffele, joins them. The death of the young rider leads the investigators to a nearby dude ranch catering to fans of the “Old West”. It is run by Tessie Breu and her husband, Stefan. The student was killed after an accident in the forest in which she was skewered by a plow hidden under the grass. A mysterious horseman apparently watched her bleed to death. But just who could this Bamberg horseman be..?

tags: Feature film

Cast: Thomas Schmauser, Teresa Weißbach, Anna Schudt, Katharina Schüttler, Tobias Oertel


Screenplay: Peter Probst

Director of Photography: Kay Gauditz

Film Editor: Dirk Göhler

Composer: Rainer Michel

Production Designer: Andreas C. Schmid

Costume Design: Andrea Spanier

Sound: Frank Hoyer

Producer: Sven Burgemeister

Production Company: TV60 Filmproduktion GmbH

World Sales: Telepool GmbH München

Director: Michael Gutmann