Mother Must Go
Filmfest 2012

German Age Rating

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Tristan has a dream that will make him a fortune: dollhouses – a perfect world for everybody. But when he tells his mother, a famous, extroverted former actress in sexploitation films, about his new business plan, she hits the roof. She can’t believe even he could come up with such an idiotic scheme. Tristan is deeply disappointed. He has always felt overshadowed by his mother, but this last insult is too much for him to bear. It turns out that he doesn't have to. Because soon afterwards he meets Josip – and Josip is a contract killer . . .

tags: Feature film

Cast: Bastian Pastewka, Judy Winter, Rosalie Thomass, Albert Kitzl, Karoline Eichhorn


Screenplay: Marc Terjung

Director of Photography: Jana Marsik

Film Editor: Sven Budelmann

Composer: Christop M. Kaiser, Julian Maas

Production Designer: Annette Lofy

Costume Design: Anja Niehaus

Sound: Andrea Walther

Producer: Tanja Ziegler

Production Company: Zieglerfilm München GmbH

Director: Edward Berger