Filmfest 2009

Three teenagers in Guatemala City steal gasoline to drive around aimlessly. A high-octane ride in which each stop is a crash with reality that puts their friendship to the test, showing that teenage friendships have a thin line that separates betrayal, deception and a kamikaze-like solidarity. A story that shows that youth, country and future are all defined by extremes. "During the filming of GASOLINE, I threw the film script away. I worked with non-professional actors, three of whom were my neighbors. GASOLINE is a film that reflects my adolescence and that of recent generations. Even though the peace treaties were signed 12 years ago, the circumstances are still the same. Thirty Guatemalan artists donated their work in order to raise funds for this production. Finally, in 2007, GASOLINE was awarded three prizes at the San Sebastian Festival which made postproduction possible." Julio Hernández Cordón

tags: Feature film

Cast: Francisco Jácome, Carlos Dardón, Gabriel Armas, Daneri Gudiel, Patricia Orantes


Director: Julio Hernández Cordon